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What's The Difference: Best Before vs. Expiry Date

It's all about the safety and quality of the food.
Are you confused about food that have "best before" or "expiry" dates? Do you throw out food that have expiry dates beyond today? You're not alone. Many people believe that these dates mean that the food is no longer edible and should be thrown out. ...

There's More To Gardenia's Bread Clips Than The Expiration Date

Here's how you can decode it!
Is it also your habit to check the bread clip before you purchase store-bought bread? If you don't, you should start doing this as the bread clip dictates one of the most important details: the expiration date. You don't want to buy a loaf ...

Food You Can Eat Past the Expiration Date + Those You Can't

Should you follow the 'best before' date?
Singapore extended its lockdown to June. The President has just announced to extend the community quarantine until May 15. How's your pantry looking?There have been assurances from food companies that there will be no food shortage, but that's only one issue. Going ...

This Smart Kitchenware Helps You Track Your Food's Expiration Dates

Plan your meals better and avoid wasting food with this nifty gadget.
There’s no denying that we love food and we are willing to spend what we can for it. That’s why it’s heartbreaking to suddenly realize what could have been tonight’s dinner has, unfortunately, gone bad. It’s a daunting task, but how does ...

WATCH: How Long Should You Keep Your Food?

Cut down on food waste with this guide!
 All types of food products last for a certain period of time with proper storage. Knowing your food’s shelf life will help you practice food safety and enjoy food before they expire. Watch this video to know how long should you keep these ...
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