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Have You Always Wondered: What's The Solid Residue From Soy Sauce Bottles?

It's common to see some "stuff" left behind in the bottom of the bottle.
Soy sauce is one of the main ingredients in many Filipino dishes. This includes the adobo, the humba, and the menudo. It is also used as a condiment for dipping sauces for your crispy pata and the tokwa't baboy.So, it's not uncommon ...

How To Tell If The Potatoes You're Buying Are Old Or New

Not all potatoes that look good are still good.
Potatoes are one of the most hard-working vegetables in your kitchen. These are used in many dishes, including your ginisang corned beef for breakfast, the crispy potato wedges that came with your Korean chicken wings for lunch, and the beef kaldereta you braised for ...

Here's Why You Need To Refrigerate Mayonnaise After Opening

Where do you store your mayonnaise?
How do you store your mayonnaise? Is it in the kitchen where the rest of the ingredients that don't expire or with the condiments in the refrigerator? We don't blame you if you store the mayonnaise in the kitchen. We know that you usually find ...

How Long Can You Keep Cooked Tomato Pasta In The Refrigerator?

Not too long or you might get food poisoning!
Pasta recipes are fast, delicious, and filling. That's the good news. The not-so-great news is that it's pretty common to cook more than you actually eat. This is especially true when you make pasta. The majority of people cook the entire package of pasta ...

This Date Is More Important Than "The Expiry Date"

The expiry date isn't the only date that's important.
We've all done it: you diligently keep your kitchen cupboard full and well stocked and then, promptly forgot that a can or two is there. You may have placed it in the back and covered it up with other cans but sadly, it may ...

Make Sure You Use These Fast-Spoiling Ingredients ASAP!

Don’t let these delicious ingredients go to waste!
You opened a tub of sour cream and used one tablespoon to make your pasta sauce creamy—now, what do you do with the rest? Fast-spoiling ingredients can be a dilemma for the average home cook, especially when you’re not sure how to ...

WATCH: How Long Should You Keep Your Food?

Cut down on food waste with this guide!
 All types of food products last for a certain period of time with proper storage. Knowing your food’s shelf life will help you practice food safety and enjoy food before they expire. Watch this video to know how long should you keep these ...

Food Storage Guide: How Long Should You Keep Food?

Is it safe to keep or time to toss? Make sure the food you’re eating is safe with our handy guide.
Food accounts for a good chunk of the monthly household budget. Unfortunately, we still make mistakes when it comes to buying and storing food items properly. Make sure you’re eating safe food with our handy guide:ALSO READ:Text and tips by Jing Lejano ...
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