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Pinay Mom's Hack To Keep Food Fresh For Longer Can Help Lessen Trips To The Grocery

It saves you time and energy!
The enhanced community quarantine means families need to plan their grocery runs and stock up on food as much as they can to avoid the need to go out. But how can you do that if the food you’re purchasing in bulk ...

Tipid Tips: Do You Know About These McDonald's Food Hacks?

Make every peso count!
In a country full of fast food chains and never-ending price hikes, we’re bound to become more thrifty and wise when it comes to the food we consume. We’ve rounded up McDonald’s food hacks to make every peso count!Extra Onions + Extra PicklesAdding ...

Did You Know That You Can Make Other Things in a Coffeemaker?

Yes, you can make more than just plain coffee in that machine. We tested them for you!
Condo and apartment dwellers know how a small kitchen can limit their abilities in the kitchen. But if there’s one thing that coffee lovers will invest in is a coffeemaker, and if you're one of them, you can certainly do more than ...

We Tested Famous Food Hacks to See If They Really Worked

Have you tried separating eggs with a bottle?
Food hacks are always interesting, and often make cooking and baking prep a walk in the park. However, some are faulty if not done properly, while others simply do not work. We put famous food hacks to the test—see which ones worked, ...

Hack It! Make-Ahead Garlic Sauce is the Best Prepping Time-Saver

Save time in the kitchen with an easy garlic prep hack!
Pinoy dishes almost always involves garlic. Saucy adobo, simple stir-frys, and hearty sinangag all require the smash-peel-chop prep work for garlic—every single time.  We have an easy hack to save you the trouble of chopping up cloves of smelly (but delicious!) garlic for ...

5 Food Hacks We Tried and Tested

Ever wondered if they really work? We tested them for you!
Make Frozen Herb ButterThe ‘Net said: Chop leftover herbs and mix them with melted butter or oil, pour into ice cube trays and preserve for future use.The Yummy experience: Why didn’t we do this before? Now we know what to do with ...
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