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The Story Behind Goldilocks' Crema de Fruta

The cake inspired the innovative packaging of this beloved cake.
Crema de fruta is a Filipino dessert made of three layers: soft sponge cake, smooth custard, and fruity gelatin. Local bakeshop Goldilocks calls it crema de fruta, but there's a story behind the dessert's signature packaging. The packaging of the Goldilocks crema de ...

The Story of Goldilocks' Cathedral Window

It's one of the bakeshop's original recipes.
Did you know that the Cathedral Window of Goldilocks was originally called Rainbow Gelatin?Goldilocks was the first to introduce the colorful Cathedral Window to the market because it's an original Goldilocks recipe developed by one of its co-founders.This dessert was developed during the ...

The Fascinating Story Behind Kikkoman's Famous Soy Sauce Bottle

It took three years and over 100 prototypes to make the final design.
Japan’s one-of-a-kind cuisine is beloved all over the world and its distinct flavors are defined by a few key ingredients: the inimitable complementary power of rice, the soul-soothing comfort of noodles cooked in broth, the freshness of newly caught raw seafood, and the ...

Chopsuey Didn't Come From China (And Other Surprising Food Origins)

Did you know that China also invented alcoholic drinks, sushi, and pasta?
We all know that chop suey is an American invention. So is the fortune cookie. And, apparently, so is the hamburger, despite many wanting to believe that it originated in Hamburg. Food history is fascinating because food is so easily adaptable that ...

Make Dinner Special With These Rice Recipes From All Around The World

Here's what to do with all that rice!
Do you love rice? Us, too. Turns out, the rest of the world does too. Here’s a list of recipes with a little bit of food history to inspire you to experiment with your rice dishes perfect as breakfast or dinner recipes!Pilaf ...

All The Different Kinds Of Pancit You Can Find In Cavite

How many of these have you tried?
Have you ever wondered why there are so many different kinds of pancit? This handaan, merienda, or even daily staple, finds its roots long before Spanish colonizers came. Instead, the iconic noodle dish began with the Chinese when they settled and traded ...

Have A Taste Of This Kapampangan Lola's Legendary Cookies

Take a crispy, sweet bite of history!
Atching Lillian Borromeo lives in a time capsule. Her home houses kitchen artifacts some of which are 200 years old. From ancient clay cooking pots, coconut shell spatulas, to ornate, wooden cookie molds—every nook and cranny is alive with a piece of history. ...

The Evolution of Adobo, According To This Food Scientist

From the first ever adobo, to the adobo you know today.
Adobo holds a special place in the Filipino’s heart, whether or not you agree that it should be our national dish. Every household has their own version, using flavors they love, toggled to the taste of each family member.Some folks though would often ...
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