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These Are The Avocado Ripening Hacks You Need To Learn

You can try these.
Have you seen those "hacks" where avocados are baked? While baking an avocado will soften the flesh, that's really all it does: makes it soft. Heat will tenderize the flesh but it won't "ripen" the avocado. It will merely soften a hard avocado and does nothing to help ...

This Marinating Hack Makes Flavorful Grilled Meat

It's a simple trick that master grillers do to make anything cooked on the grill incredibly tasty.
It's a sad, sad world when the first bite of your highly anticipated plate of beautifully grilled food is a tasteless one. While it's a cooking sin to not season your food correctly, it's an even bigger one to not taste it before serving it. So how ...

5 Grilling Myths You Should Stop Believing In

These are the grilling mistakes you need to stop doing right now.
Grilling season is upon us! The sun is out, the air is warm, and the best part is, grilling season is starting. If you love your grilled burgers and steaks, tender pork liempo, and slow-roasted ribs, it’s your season to shine outside ...

3 Food Myths Debunked

We looked into three popular food myths and separate silly from fact.
You've probably done a few of these funny kitchen practices before—walk down the food aisle in your local grocery and you'll see that melon-knocking is all too common. But do these practices really work? Here's a closer look at three popular food myths. 1 ...
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