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Do This Hack When You Need To Peel Lots Of Garlic

This will make the paper peel right off!
Garlic fans are voracious garlic eaters. There is no such thing as too much garlic! Whenever the amount of garlic is less than what they think a recipe would need, there's is always the additional clove or three that is added just for good ...

This Is The Best Way To Store Your Leafy Greens

Lettuce leaves are delicate. Here's how to store it right.
One of the best ways to get the most out of your vegetables is to eat it raw. Many vegetables are more nutritious raw than when cooked so when you have the chance to consume your veggies in its natural state, you're eating better. Salads have ...

You Don't Need To Cut This Off When Using Garlic

Plus, you'll add even more garlic flavor to your dishes with this simple tip.
Knife skills are a necessity in the kitchen. It's the one thing you don't need to rely on an appliance to do for you every time. Do you really need to bring out the mini chopper or the big food processor just to ...

This Peeling Trick Makes Pomelo Easy To Peel

If you've always wondered how it's done, here's how to do it.
A pomelo, or suha, really does look like a giant grapefruit. It even tastes like one, albeit a little sweeter if you're lucky.While it's a fantastic fruit that is enjoyable to eat on its own or added to salads and other dishes, it's sheer ...

This Is How You Slice A Pineapple

The unique spiral cuts aren't just for presentation.
You've probably been mesmerized when pineapple vendors peel and prepare a pineapple in front of you. The deftness of their skilled hands in creating the spiral-like pattern on the pineapples when they're done is truly amazing. But their skill in slicing up a ...

These Kitchen Hacks Are Sure to Make Cooking Easier

Hack your way to easier food prep!
Cooking doesn’t have to be difficult but with a little help, you can master the kitchen! Start with these 7 simple tips to get comfortable around your workspace while cooking, and you’ll definitely find it becomes easier in no time.1 Make removing the skin of ...

Say Goodbye to Holiday Stress! Do These 5 Things This Month to Prep for Christmas

SOS: Hoard packs of all-purpose cream before the grocery runs out of 'em!
Christmas—specifically Christmas in the Philippines, is definitely the most hectic time of the year. Super-sized party dishes are served, holiday songs are played in every mall and supermarket that you walk into, and titos and titas from abroad come over to tell ...

Kitchen Hack! This is The Easiest Way to Peel Your Tomatoes

It’s easy: all you have to do is blanch your tomatoes.
Many recipes, especially those for pasta sauces, call for peeled tomatoes. This method is quicker and easier than roasting tomatoes—all you have to do is blanch them!First, score the bottoms of your tomatoes lightly. Bring a pot of water to a boil, ...

WATCH: How to Peel, Slice, and Chop an Onion

Walk through the basic knife skills with us: here's how to peel, chop, and slice an onion.
An onion is a necessary base ingredient for many dishes, and prep knowledge is a must in home cooking. Remember, use this little trick on how to peel, slice, and chop an onion without crying:How to peel an onion:1  Chop off the ...

5 Time-Saving Tips from Chefs That You Should Try

Learn food prep tips from professional chefs and apply them in your home kitchen.
Proper food prep will save you a large amount of time and stress spent in the kitchen. To avoid common cooking and baking mishaps, remember to stay organized and clean. We consulted some of Manila's favorite chefs on the one tip that ...
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