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How To Store Fried Food Properly

These tips will ensure that it's easy to make it crisp again.
Storing food for the next day is part of every life in the kitchen. You know you need to follow certain tips so that your food is safe to consume again and avoid food poisoning, especially if it's rice. However, are you storing your fried ...

How To Store Tofu For Longer Storage

Save your tokwa from going sour with this storing tip.
If you love tokwa or tofu, you know that this food has a short shelf-life. It can start to smell and taste sour even if you store it in the refrigerator. That's because this fresh, plant-based food is highly perishable. If you're not ...

These Paper Towel Tricks Will Save Your Veggies

Paper towels can do more than wipe up spills.
Finding your vegetables wilted and mushy is not pleasant. Food waste is a growing concern, especially at home where many of us do not know how to properly prepare, store, and use up as much of our food products as possible. Learning how to store food, ...

WATCH: How To Properly Store Common Grocery Items

Store these right to make the most of your grocery supply run.
Coming home from the grocery store or picking up your groceries is common for many of us. We have to get our daily, weekly, or even monthly food supplies somehow! If you're loading up on any of these grocery items, you need to know ...

This Is The Best Way To Store Salad Dressing

You'll have a tasty salad every time when stored right.
Salads don't need much effort to be made. In fact, the most basic salad might not even require a knife. You can tear the lettuce leaves apart with your hands and this is exactly what many restaurants do with their lettuce to prevent ...

Peanut Butter Can Spoil; Here's How You Can Tell When To Throw It Out

There are signs that mean it's time to buy a new jar.
That's right! Peanut butter can go bad but while it might sound like a rare occurrence, you should know the signs that you need to throw that opened and unfinished jar out and get yourself another one. Here are the signs that your ...

Food You Can Eat Past the Expiration Date + Those You Can't

Should you follow the 'best before' date?
Singapore extended its lockdown to June. The President has just announced to extend the community quarantine until May 15. How's your pantry looking?There have been assurances from food companies that there will be no food shortage, but that's only one issue. Going ...

Freezing Meat: All The Tips You Need To Know

Meat can last months up to indefinitely when stored right.
When you do your quarantine shopping, you may buy more than you need at any given period and this is where your freezer will come in handy. If you aren't doing it already, you should be taking advantage of the freezer when planning your meals. The ...

This Is How You Can Keep Breads Fresher, Longer

Bread is a staple in many kitchens. Keep it edible with these tips.
Who doesn't love bread? We love bread. It's a kitchen food staple that you can use to make into different dishes, and it can even be used as an ingredient as breadcrumbs or even as a crunchy topping. It's usually a breakfast staple or ...

The Best Way to Store Butter

Wrap it up!
Butter can easily be one of those kitchen staples that you toss to the side of your refrigerator door, partially unwrapped from its foil casing, until you need it again the following morning to spread on your toast.The thing is, butter needs ...
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