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These Are The Fruits And Veggies You Don't Need To Peel

You just need to give these a good scrub!
Did you know that you can actually eat the fuzzy peel of a kiwi fruit? Did you also know that an unpeeled potato has more nutrients in it than a peeled potato? There's also a big reason why pastry chefs caramelize various citrus ...

7 Easy Ways To Avoid Wasting Food At Home

Here's how you can make sure nothing is wasted.
Though no one really buys food with the intention of wasting anything, sometimes, it does happen. It can be hard to keep track of what’s in the fridge, for instance, both in terms of the fresh food in the freezer and the ...

It's Now Illegal To Binge-Eat And Watch Binge-Eating Videos In China

This is thanks to the new anti-food waste law passed in China.
China has passed a new anti-food waste law that bans diners in restaurants from ordering more meals than required. This law also prohibits the citizens of China from sharing binge-eating videos. This means that the trendy Mukbang videos are no longer allowed ...

Here Are Three Delicious Ways To Minimize Kitchen Food Waste

You can do a few things with things you might normally throw out.
Not everyone can effortlessly ease into a zero-waste lifestyle to contribute to the environment. Every little effort into reducing your kitchen waste is definitely helpful!The amount of effort that needs to go into changing your lifestyle doesn't need to be drastic but you can do ...

This Is Not The Time To Be Wasting Food-Not Now, Not Ever

Here's what you can do.
During this ongoing global pandemic, one of the biggest concerns everyone has on their mind is food security. We’ve seen news of Filipinos begging for food, we felt outraged as farmers and food manufacturers from neighboring provinces encountered hiccups in delivering their harvest ...
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