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You Can Enjoy A 50% Discount On ALL Tim Hortons Products This Month

Saving money is always a great idea.
If Tuesdays feel like a so-so day to you, there's something you can look forward to and push you to through your Tuesdays and the rest of the workweek: a 50% discount on ALL Tim Hortons products.For all the remaining Tuesdays of July ...

Check These Promos For A Budget-Friendly V-Day Meal At Home

Your Valentine's Day meal doesn't have to be expensive.
What are your Valentine's Day plans? If dining out in an open-air restaurant is out of the question, you can always stay in instead. Foodpanda is here to help you assemble an affordable Valentine's Day meal with their promos from February 13 until February 20. ...

PSA: You Can Get Discounts On All Of Barcino's Best-Selling Paellas

All of the Barcino items available on the app are also discounted, too!
Heads up, titas of Metro Manila! One of your favorite wine spots, Barcino, is offering all of its arroces or paellas with a huge discount on Foodpanda. It's the perfect treat, paired with sangria, of course.Yes, every kind of paella on Barcino’s menu is discounted: ...

All The Discounts + Free Delivery Promos On Your Fave Food Apps Right Now

Save money while you stay home.
With the community quarantine in place beginning March 15 and the rising number of confirmed COVID-19 cases, most malls in Metro Manila have decided to close indefinitely to help the community safe. Thankfully, groceries and food deliveries continue to operate despite this ...

Get A Huge Discount On Manam's Sisig, Din Tai Fung's Xiao Long Bao, And More!

Every discount counts.
After all the nonstop spending that happened during the holidays, it would be wiser to stick to meals at a discounted price. The Moment Group, the company behind your favorite sisig from Manam and xiao long bao from Din Tai Fung, is ...
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