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Tapas-Style French Fries Recipe

Top your French fries with a spiced mayo dressing.
About to binge-watch your favorite series? Make sure you have a delicious snack dish to munch on. These tapas-style French fries are simple: grab a bag of frozen fries from the freezer aisle of your grocery and fry them until crisp. Then, ...

Tex-Mex French Fries Recipe

Top fries with lots of cheese!
Calling it a night in? Prepare an easy snack to munch on with friends. This french fries snack is topped with fun and bright Tex-Mex flavors. Don't forget the cheese! ...

Chili French Fries Recipe

A few simple ingredients can transform French fries to a fiery snack.
A few simple ingredients can transform your average French fries to a fiery snack.  ...

Parmesan-Herb French Fries Recipe

Flavor store-bought French fries with cheese and herbs!
Store-bought fries don't have to be boring. This recipe flavors the classic cut up with Parmesan cheese and lots of herbs. It'll make for the perfect movie snack!  ...

Homemade French Fries Recipe

Here's how to make perfect french fries at home!
Perfectly fried french fries mean that the outside is crispy and the inside is soft and fluffy. Learn how to make great french fries at home with this easy recipe. ...

Turbo Broiler French Fries Recipe

Cut back on the oil and watch French fries get crisp in a turbo broiler.
No need for a deep-fryer for these French fries! Cut back on the oil and watch them get crisp in a turbo broiler. ...

Homemade Barbecue Fries Recipe

These barbecue-flavored fries recipe is perfect for merienda at home.
You can make barbecue French fries at home! Looking for movie-night munchies? These barbecue-flavored fries will have you chomping the night away. ...
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