Chicken Spring Rolls Recipe

You can make these chicken spring rolls with leftover roast chicken.
This fresh spring rolls recipe is stuffed with vermicelli noodles and leftover roast chicken. Pack these chicken spring rolls for an office or school snack.  ...

Fresh Spring Rolls Recipe

Wrap up all your favorite vegetables in a refreshingly light spring roll!
This fresh spring rolls recipe is packed with greens. Wrap them up with soft vermicelli noodles and munch on a good amount of vegetables to power through your day.  ...

Fresh Lumpia Recipe

You can make lumpia—wrapper, filling, and sauce—from scratch!
This fresh lumpia recipe has everything you want in it: fresh veggies, pork, sauce, and even a fresh wrapper! Use this recipe to make everything in this lumpia recipe from scratch. The first step of making this fresh lumpia recipe is the wrapper. It's an ...
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