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This Frying Pan + Air Fryer Hack Delivers Perfect Fried Chicken Every Time

Make perfect fried chicken!
Have you ever bitten into a perfectly golden brown and crispy piece of fried chicken only to find that the inside is still not quite cooked through? We've all experienced that at one time or another, especially if you love fried chicken. This happens more often ...

This Easy Step Makes Better Fried Chicken

You only need 15 minutes to do this.
Have you ever prepared a fried chicken recipe before you heated up your oil only to discover your floured previously ready-to-fry chicken pieces became sticky? We know we have, and it's a sticky situation that nonetheless resulted in good fried chicken once fried. It ...

This Simple Ingredient Makes Your Fried Chicken Extra Crispy

It makes it even better.
Making fried chicken will always be a delicious way to make anyone hungry. The chicken skin is made even tastier and more appetizing with its crispy breading and the chicken meat hiding behind it is succulent and perfectly juicy, especially when it comes ...

KITCHEN TRICKS: Different Ways You Can Coat Fried Chicken To Make It Extra Crispy

You can make the crispiest fried chicken with these tips on how to coat it.
There's nothing more satisfying than biting into the outer layer that is the crispy fried chicken skin. Biting into the juicy meat that lies underneath the fried-until-crispy chicken skin is satisfying. It's delicious, it's crunchy, and that crunchy skin is what delivers the different kinds ...

Everything You Need To Know About Cooking Fried Chicken

You can end cooking bad fried chicken with these tips and tricks.
There's nothing sadder than eating what should be a fantastic fried chicken plate. You know what we mean when it's a #chickensad meal: the chicken skin isn't golden brown and it's not crisp, the skin is super tasty but the meat itself is dry ...

WATCH: This Is The No-Fuss Classic Fried Chicken Recipe You Want

This is the fried chicken recipe for you.
If you want a nostalgic taste of home cooking, you should try this classic fried chicken recipe. There are no fancy techniques involved in making this recipe. This classic fried chicken recipe requires no overnight marinating. Just season, dredge, and cook.This is the fried chicken recipe for every ...

This Cooking Trick Makes Perfectly Golden Brown Fried Chicken + More Frying Tips

We have more cooking tips for perfectly golden brown and delicious fried chicken.
Fried chicken is a universal favorite and there are many ways to prepare it, too. From maximizing flavor by marinating your chicken in buttermilk to how to maintain your oil temperature and not drain to on paper towels to ensure maximum crunchiness, we think you're ...
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