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How To Cook Sunny Side Up Eggs With Crispy Sides And Edges

You know how to cook fried eggs. Here's how to get it crispy!
Fried eggs are a normal part of breakfast. It's so ingrained in a typical Pinoy almusal it's part of our silog favorite meals: any meat + sinangag or garlic fried rice + fried egg or itlog. The fried egg is a basic cooking lesson ...

How To Cook Scrambled Eggs In 10 Seconds Or Less

Use these tips to cook egg faster on the stove.
Eggs cook fast and easily in a really hot pan. That's the key to cooking eggs for breakfast: a hot pan. When that hot pan is smoking hot and nonstick too, it is not far-fetched to think that you can cook scrambled eggs ...

What's The Difference Between "Eggs Over Easy" And "Sunny-Side Up Eggs"?

Do you fry your eggs on both sides for breakfast?
How do you fry an egg? If you love your runny egg yolks, chances are you love your eggs sunny-side up with the yolk still very runny and the whites just set. That isn't the only way to cook an egg for breakfast. There is ...

WATCH: How to Cook Better Eggs for Breakfast

How do you like your eggs?
It's time to take your egg cooking skills to eggs-pert levels! Here are pro tips for making perfect poached eggs, fried eggs, boiled eggs and omelets every time.Fried Eggs:The keys to perfect fried eggs? A non-stick pan or well-seasoned cast iron pan ...
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