Crispy Fried Pompano Recipe

This fried fish recipe is perfect with refreshing mango-jicama salad on the side!
To balance the richness of fried fish, complement this fish dish with a refreshing salad or salsa. You can also serve it with guacamole and a zesty garlic sauce. ...

Pan-Fried Sole Fillets Recipe

Serve this 15-minute fish recipe over steamed brown rice or al dente noodles.
Serve the fish over steamed brown rice or al dente noodles, and you’re done! These pan-fried sole fillets will be ready in less the 15 minutes.  ...

Beer-Battered Fish and Onion Rings Recipe

The secret to getting light, crunchy fish and onion rings? Beer batter!
Beer batter fries into light, crisp treats if you do it right! Remember to season your flour generously and to practice general deep-frying safety precautions. Cold beer works best for making deep-fry batter, so fry your fish and onion rings right away!  ...

Pan-Fried Fish in Citrus Sauce Recipe

This quick pan-fried fish in citrus sauce recipe is perfect for weeknights.
The orange and lemon sauce, along with the olives, goes really well with the fish. This dish can be made ready in 20 minutes. ...

17 Easy Fried Fish Recipes That Are Super Delicious

You need to eat more fish.
Fish, by nature, is such an easy cut of meat to cook. You can cook it in so many ways, but the easiest method has to be frying it. Plus, every one of these easy, delicious fish recipes takes well under an ...
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