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Chorizo Lumpia Recipe

This has homemade chorizo inside!
Stuffed and super meaty with a flavorful homemade Spanish chorizo recipe, this is an easy lumpia recipe to make!The trick to stuffing lumpia wrappers with a super loose filling like ground meat that refuses to stay put is to chill it and allow the natural ...

Lumpiang Buko Recipe

These fried rolls are unique to Nueva Ecija!
If you travel to Cabanatuan City in Nueva Ecija and dine in at a particular milk tea place, you may be surprised to find a unique lumpia that doesn't contain what you'd normally find in a lumpia. This lumpia ingredient is buko ...

Longganisa Lumpia Recipe

There is no lumpia meatier than this one!
The possibilities for lumpia or spring roll fillings are really quite endless. The options are numerous and all of them are sure to be delicious. Take it from us when we say this is the meatiest lumpia you will ever bite into. It's basically better than your usual ...

WATCH: Make An Easy Lumpiang Shanghai Recipe

You don't need a knife to prepare the ingredients.
You can't attend a party without this party food staple! A classic lumpiang shanghai recipe is a savory ground pork mixture, usually with finely chopped vegetables and seasoned with Asian sauces to make the filling even more flavorful, rolled into fresh flour wrappers. These ...

Cheesy Pork and Shrimp Lumpia Recipe

Upgrade your lumpiang shanghai with shrimp and cheese.
Making anything cheesy is a sure guarantee that it's going to be a winning dish! This pork and shrimp lumpia recipe is made into a better meal with the melty cheese. It's creamier, meatier, and definitely more appetizing than other fried spring rolls. This is ...

Puto Bumbong and Cheese Lumpia Recipe

Let these upgraded crispy cheese sticks make you think of the holidays.
Puto bumbong is a classic holiday streetfood. However, it's not best once it has cooled down and no longer fresh from the vendor. Why not use that streetfood and make it even better? Pair it with cheese and then fry them into crispy sticks. These ...

Beef Lumpia Recipe

Your favorite lumpiang shanghai goes beefy!
Lumpiang shanghai recipes are usually made of pork but it's an easy and delicious tweak to make it into equally delicious beef lumpia. These fried spring rolls will be just as meaty and flavorful as your usual pork lumpiang shanghai recipe.  ...

Chicken Veggie Lumpia Recipe

This crunchy chicken lumpia recipe is fantastic served with a garlicky sauce.
Lumpia is almost always present at parties and gatherings so it's hard to find a recipe that differs from the one you currently use. But this is a lumpia recipe you may want to try. It's a chicken lumpia recipe!Chicken is cubed and tossed with a simple mix ...

Love Lumpia? These Lumpia Recipes Are All You Need

These lumpia recipes are a burst of flavor with every bite!
We totally understand why some people love lumpia because what’s not to love? This crispy and crunchy roll with savory or sweet ingredients can be both ulam or dessert.The lumpia is really a highly versatile dish because you can stuff it with anything: from ...

Lumpia Recipe

An heirloom family recipe for lumpia from Chef Giney Villar of Adarna Food and Culture.
Lumpiang Shanghai is the perfect dish for any occasion, so this basic lumpia recipe is all you really need to make a delicious fried spring roll recipe. Every meal is a party when you add these rolls to the menu. Whether you’re having lumpia ...
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