Ilocano Okoy Tiyosko Recipe

This okoy has something different that makes it super delicious!
Okoy recipes make fantastic merienda food. These easy fritters are crispy, fried, and loaded with vegetables. Since it's so easy to make, you can let your creativity guide you and make it super special with additional ingredients. This Ilocano version called the Okoy Tiyosko is made extra special. It's not ...

Okoy With Kalabasa Recipe

Make your kalabasa crispy and crunchy.
Crispy and crunchy, this vegetable fritter recipe is made different from your usual okoy (also spelled as ukoy). Carrots are still in the mix and so are the shrimp. What makes this unique is its slivers of kalabasa or squash instead of the usual togue or ...

Here's How to Make Sure Your Okoy is Always Super Crunchy

Here's how your okoy will remain crisp and crunchy every time.
Okoy is a deep-fried shrimp-and-veggie fritter. The best kind is one that looks like it has an amazing crunch, is crispy with its light, batter-coated veggies and shrimp just waiting to be dipped into some spicy suka.Make sure you don't end up ...

Pineapple and Langka Fritters

The classic maruya gets an upgrade with langka and pineapple instead of the usual saba.
The classic maruya gets a welcome upgrade with the use of langka and pineapple instead of the usual saging na saba. Make your afternoon snacks extra special by serving this dessert recipe for your family. ...

Apple Fries

Tired of traditional apple pies and crisps? This one's for you!
This recipe is not only perfect for kids—if you’re growing tired of traditional apple pies and crisps, you'll like this too. ...
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