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No Need To Thaw: You Can Cook These Straight From The Freezer

Don't panic if you forgot to thaw!
When it comes to cooking frozen food, most people believe that everything needs to be thawed before it can or should be cooked. That’s not always the case. When you’re hungry and you didn’t prepare anything before looking into the refrigerator, you ...

This Supermarket Has Frozen Packs Of Din Tai Fung's XiaoLongBao, Manam's Sisig, And More Resto Favorites!

You can buy frozen packs of all your restaurant favorites in this supermarket.
Do you miss dining out but don't want to risk it? Since the quarantine started, different food restaurants (even fast food chains!) have started offering frozen packs of their bestselling dishes online and more recently, in the supermarkets, too. If you want ...

This Is The Best And Fastest Way To Defrost Anything

It doesn't have to take too long.
Have you ever tried to defrost anything that was frozen solid in the refrigerator? We have and contrary to what many people think, it literally takes days in the refrigerator for that frozen solid chunk to soften and thaw enough to use. Unless you ...

You Can Use Frozen Seafood For These Recipes

You can make these resto-worthy seafood dishes.
You don't need to make all your meals extra or make everything from scratch all the time. That's when you can bring out the creativity in you and cook with ingredients that you love. Is seafood one of the ingredients of your favorite dish? ...

You Can Have Restaurant-Quality Ulam Delivered To Stock In Your Freezer!

Stock up on your favorite frozen ulam!
One of the best ways to have delicious food served on your dining table is to have them delivered! For those who can’t cook more complicated dishes, Mister Delicious offers frozen restaurant-quality ulam you can place in your freezer, then microwave or ...
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