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Cream Cheese Fresh Fruit Salad Recipe

Toss your fruit salad in a creamy and tangy but cheesy dressing.
Toss this fresh fruit in a creamy, tangy, and cheesy dressing. To make this delicious fruit salad, you just have to source the freshest fruits at your local supermarket or palengke for what's in season. (We used navel oranges, suha or pomelo, grapes, and mangoes.)Then ...

Pinoy Fiesta Macaroni Salad Recipe

This classic macaroni salad has a delicious and savory ingredient that Pinoys love!
Whether it's Christmas or not, a macaroni salad is always a welcome dish on a party table. There are many ways to make it and many variations on the recipe but these are universal truths: Pinoys have a sweet tooth and they love a ...

5 Ways To Make Fruit Cocktail More Interesting

Let someone else make the fruit salad because we've got better ideas for a fruity dessert.
The holidays is the one time of the year you’ll never go hungry! With all the food that is on buffet tables, given as gifts, or part of a big feast, you can get tired of the same food served at these gatherings.That’s ...

Fruit Salad Refrigerator Cake Recipe

Use fruit salad to make a no-bake refrigerator cake!
This take on fruit salad is an easy no-bake dessert where ice cream meets cathedral windows. This refrigerator cake tastes just as good as it looks.  ...
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