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Chocolate Fruitcake Recipe

This fruitcake has chocolate so it's doubly delicious.
Even those who don't like fruitcake will want to try a bit of this fruitcake. This fruitcake recipe is made even better with dark chocolate chunks stirred in the batter.  ...

WATCH: How To Make Delicious Fruit Cake Bars

Brownies + fruitcake = new Christmas dessert favorite
What do you do when you don't like fruitcake? Usually, many people give it to people they know who love fruitcake. Besides, everyone knows that butterscotch brownies are the better gift.... or is it? We think we just found a way to satisfy ...

We Have Tips for Making the Softest and Most Flavorful Homemade Holiday Fruitcake

Making a fruitcake from scratch takes loads of patience.
Christmas just isn't the same without a slice or two of rum-spiked, spiced, fruitcake! There is a lot that goes on in this dessert: dark molasses flavors, chewy dried fruits, crunchy walnuts and cashews, and a hint of liquor. While this holiday classic ...

WATCH: How to Make Fruitcake

Complete your holiday spread with a homemade fruitcake.

Fruitcake Bars

Here's a tweak on the traditional recipe: Use dried local fruits and cut into bite-sized bars.
'Tis the season for fruitcake! Here's a superb tweak on the traditional fruitcake recipe: Use dried local fruits and cut the cake into bite-sized bars. ...
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