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P350 Frying Pan vs. P1,000 Frying Pan: Does It Make a Difference?

Which is worth it?
Not all nonstick frying pans are created equal. We use this pan every day, maybe even at every meal preparation so the pan should be able to durable enough to withstand the daily rigors of a home kitchen. How do you choose ...

How To Choose The Right Nonstick Pan For You

What pan do you have?
The nonstick pan is the pan that is one of the most hardworking pans you have in your kitchen. It's the pan you need to cook any kind of egg, especially gently scrambled eggs, for cooking resto-worthy pancakes that are perfectly golden brown on both sides, ...

How To Really Tell If Your Pan Is Hot Enough To Start Cooking

Heating your pan just right is important.
There is a quick way of knowing when your pan is hot enough and ready to be used. Just note that there is such a thing as "too hot" as well as "not hot enough".You can tell if a pan is hot enough because ...

What Pan Is Best For Cooking Which Dish?

Whatever dish you are planning to cook, there is a right pan for the job. 
You would think that it would be easy to know what pot or pan to use when you're cooking but unless the recipe says a certain pan should be used, you are left to your own judgment—and whatever cookware is available—about which ...

Score This Set Of Cast Iron Pans With A 50% Discount!

Maybe it’s time to replace your kitchen tools.
Quality kitchenware usually come at a hefty price tag. It’s an investment, after all. If you think you need to replace your pans, Handyman has a huge sale on their Oster-branded pans and knives. The Oster 3-piece Cast Iron Frying Pan Set is ...

Don't Use Your Nonstick Pan When Cooking These Dishes!

Sometimes, you have to put it to rest.
We’re all thankful for nonstick pans. They can be a lifesaver when cooking food that normally stick. Sometimes though, when we have a favorite nonstick pan, we start using it for absolutely everything. It might be keeping you from more delicious meals! ...

Save Your Burnt Pans + 6 Ways To Get Stains Out of Your Pans

Get those pots and pans back to their former glory.
It's happened to everyone. You were cooking something and you got distracted long enough for the food to burn. Burnt pans can be quite a hassle. Don’t worry, though. We've got tips to make these pans usable again plus tips to make ...

This Is The Best Pan For Cooking Burgers

You need to try this trick!
If you think grilling is the only right way to cook a burger, you may be right. There's really nothing like a wonderfully grilled burger with its smokey flavors and charred appearance.However, there is a way to cook a burger that is comparable to ...
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