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Love Laing? We Have Tips On How To Properly Cook Gabi Leaves

There's a technique to a no-itch laing recipe.
Laing is a delicious and iconic dish from Bicol that's considered a staple in many households. It's an incredibly creamy vegetable dish made from local ingredients that are found plentiful in the area. This means it's loaded with gata (coconut cream), bagoong alamang (shrimp paste), dahon ng ...

Sinigang Na Baboy Sa Gabi Recipe

Sinigang sa sampaloc just got a touch creamier with gabi.
Gabi, or taro root, is potato-like in texture. It is tender when cooked and has a slightly nutty, sweet flavor. It's a great complement to the sourness of the sampaloc and savory flavors of the pork. It also transforms sinigang, a popular Filipino sour ...

Laing Recipe

It's called Natung in Legaspi and Apay in Daraga.
Known as Laing among Manileños, this dish is actually called Natung in Legaspi and Apay in Daraga. This recipe cooks in just 30 minutes! ...
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