8 Small Appliances You Can Get On Shopee And Lazada

It's not yet 12-12 but you can still put these awesome gadgets in your cart!
12-12, the last big online sale of the year, is already next week!Are you ready? Have you scouted the items you want and placed them in your cart? We know we have, and we're excited to finally check them out! However, did you know ...

This Tool Will Do All The Slicing For You, Perfectly

This small kitchen gadget will make itself useful and indispensable.
Are you tired of slicing manually with a knife? Then you need to know about this handy tool because once you learn to use this, you'll realize just how convenient it is to have this nifty tool in the kitchen.  Called a mandoline, this tool is really ...

This Smart Kitchenware Helps You Track Your Food's Expiration Dates

Plan your meals better and avoid wasting food with this nifty gadget.
There’s no denying that we love food and we are willing to spend what we can for it. That’s why it’s heartbreaking to suddenly realize what could have been tonight’s dinner has, unfortunately, gone bad. It’s a daunting task, but how does ...

Gadget Find: Juicepresso

Bring sexy back with this nifty juicer. See why we love it!
                                                                                                                                                              Safety firstIts Automatic Safety Lock acts as a safety sensor that automatically stops when the hopper is opened or when the system is clogged. And its Safe Juice Outlet Safe prevents any possible injuries as it only fits one finger, making ...
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