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How to Put Food on The Table Fast, According to These Top Female Chefs 

Delicious doesn't have to take forever to cook!
Ever panicked over hungry kids and the stove won't seem to get hot enough fast? Well, those days are over. We asked Asia's Best Female Chefs their top tricks to putting food on the table fast: 1 "Go for Pasta or Roast Chicken." ...

Take Your Tastebuds On A Filipino Food And Heritage Village Tour

Islas Pinas by Margarita Forés is now open at DoubleDragon Plaza, Pasay City.
It’s quite difficult to find a variety of Filipino dishes from all over the nation in one space. Plane rides and road trips would be required to get an authentic taste of Bicol’s laing or Davao’s sinuglaw.The space is filled with all ...

You Can Learn To Make Your Fave Cibo Dishes At This One-Day Cooking Class

Learn from owner and chef Gaita Fores, no less!
If you love Cibo and their pasta dishes (Penne al Telefono and Spaghettini al Emilia!), this one-day cooking class is for you! Learn to make Cibo’s bestsellers such as their Insalata, Bruschetta, Penne al Telefono and Spaghettini al Emilia, and more this summer! ...

Margarita Fores is Asia's Best Female Chef for 2016

She impressed some of the world’s toughest cooking critics!
Over 300 industry experts in Asia voted for our very own Margarita Fores as the Best Female Chef for 2016. The founder of Italian restaurant Cibo and catering business Cibo di M, Fores has successfully introduced traditional Italian cuisine to Filipinos via ...
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