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This Guy Stalked A Gardenia Truck To Buy A Loaf Of Bread

Desperate times call for desperate measures.
If you were ever the designated person to do groceries during the enhanced community quarantine (also known as a “tribute”), you would know that one of the aisles that quickly gets emptied out is the bread section. One can be so lucky ...

Gardenia Philippines Issues Official Statement After Bread Video Scandal

The employee is now undergoing administrative due process.
A viral video made rounds all over social media platforms showing a Gardenia delivery personnel opening packed slices of Gardenia bread and stealing slices of bread from each pack. The Gardenia delivery personnel then proceeded to re-close each bag and return it ...

Here's Everything You Can Do With Gardenia's New Choco Hazelnut Spread

Your choco-hazelnut addiction just became affordable.
Who doesn’t love melted chocolate? We bet you're one of those people who dunks a spoon right into the jar. Thank heavens for whoever thought to make chocolate into a spread.But chocolate spreads can be expensive. We, however, found a new chocolate spread that's affordable ...
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