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These Are All The Garlicky Dishes You Need To Make

Garlic makes the most simple dishes incredibly delicious.
Garlic is an underrated ingredient. While almost every Pinoy recipe may call for garlic as part of the panggisa, or the holy trinity of our cuisine which includes onions and tomatoes, it's not always the main flavoring. If you're a garlic fan, you know how delicious garlic can be ...

This Hack Peels Lots of Garlic Quickly + Helps Avoid Stinky Fingers

Craving for something garlicky but don't want the hassle or the smelly fingers? Here's your solution.
Garlic is the best. It’s sweet, aromatic and gives a dish character. There’s no denying though, that we’ve all had hesitations with handling too much garlic! Peeling garlic can leave your hands stuck with the distinctive smell for a long time. But ...

This Is Our Top Fried Chicken Recipe for 2016

You have to try it!
We don't need to say it: fried chicken is an easy favorite. Why not make a different version of a favorite?Marinating the chicken pieces before cooking is key: it adds flavor to your juicy chicken. Give this recipe a go this week?GARLIC ...

WATCH: How to Make Garlic Fried Chicken

What's better than fried chicken? GARLIC fried chicken!
Make your next fried chicken plate extra garlicky. Here's a surefire way to make the skin of your fried chicken crispy: When pan-frying, place the chicken skin-side down first so it cooks nice and crispy. CLICK HERE for more FRIED CHICKEN RECIPES ...

Garlic Fried Chicken Recipe

Everyone loves fried chicken. This version is extra garlicky!
Everyone loves fried chicken! Change it up a bit and make your fried chicken plate extra garlicky with this easy recipe. ...
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