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Make Fast And Easy Pasta Recipes Using Garlic And Shrimp

Sweet, succulent shrimp + aromatic, toasted garlic is perfect when tossed with pasta.
Is there a match more delicious than pairing garlic with shrimp? These two ingredients when tossed with pasta can be irresistible!  Besides, pasta recipes that require just two additional ingredients make perfect weeknight dinners. Here's why:Do you need more reasons to make garlic and shrimp pasta recipes? ...

Vegan Oil-Based Pasta Recipe

If you want to lessen your meat intake, this dish is for you.
Try cooking this versatile, meat-free meal! ...

Garlic Pasta with Spanish Sardines Recipe - Paano Lutuin At Mga Sangkap

Ang simpleng pasta dish na ito ay malasa!
Simple ngunit kaaya-aya, ang pasta na ito ay may sardinas, basil, at bawang. Mas magiging espesyal pa pag binudburan ng malutong na bread crumbs. ...

These Are All The Garlicky Dishes You Need To Make

Garlic makes the most simple dishes incredibly delicious.
Garlic is an underrated ingredient. While almost every Pinoy recipe may call for garlic as part of the panggisa, or the holy trinity of our cuisine which includes onions and tomatoes, it's not always the main flavoring. If you're a garlic fan, you know how delicious garlic can be ...

WATCH: How to Make Garlic Pasta with Spanish Sardines Recipe

The simple flavors of sardines, basil, and garlic meld beautifully in this easy pasta recipe.
Bottled Spanish sardines can be used in so many ways. Adding it to a pasta dish easily elevates your usual weekday meal. You can easily omit the basil and chili flakes in this recipe but either way, the simple flavors of sardines, ...

Garlic Pasta with Spanish Sardines Recipe

Mix sardines, basil, and garlic into pasta for a dish with a strong kick!
Simple yet divine, the wonderful flavors of sardines, basil, and garlic stand out beautifully in this dish. The addition of crunchy breadcrumbs makes it even more delightful. ...
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