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Ginger + Garlic Is The Cooking Combo You Should Try

These two aromatic ingredients can make your dishes super delicious.
There's a reason why some ingredients are called "aromatics". These are ingredients, usually herbs, fresh spices, and other plants, that give a dish a fragrant and lively flavor and aroma that makes it irresistibly appetizing.  Two of these aromatic ingredients are garlic and ginger. Garlic and ...

WATCH: This Chicken Parmesan Pasta Recipe is Creamy, Garlicky, And Delicious

Garlicky chicken tossed in a creamy spaghetti sauce has a secret ingredient.
The carbonara recipe may be the original creamy pasta recipe! It's got a silky, creamy pasta sauce courtesy of the eggs and cheese but without the use of any cream. This is why it's such a unique pasta sauce! Not all pasta sauces are as ...

Garlicky Recipes You're Sure To Love + Garlic Tips You Need

Who doesn't love the smell of cooking garlic?
Garlic is one key ingredient that makes simple recipes amazing. It's part of the holy trinity of Filipino cooking together with onions and tomatoes. As part of the first foundation of flavor in many dishes, it's undeniable what a big impact garlic ...

These Are All The Garlicky Dishes You Need To Make

Garlic makes the most simple dishes incredibly delicious.
Garlic is an underrated ingredient. While almost every Pinoy recipe may call for garlic as part of the panggisa, or the holy trinity of our cuisine which includes onions and tomatoes, it's not always the main flavoring. If you're a garlic fan, you know how delicious garlic can be ...

You Only Need Three Ingredients To Make A Delicious Salpicao Recipe

Three ingredients make for a really great dish.
Who doesn't love salpicao? There is something truly delicious about biting into a tender piece of meat and savoring its juiciness and its flavor.Whether it's the classic beef, the white meat chicken, or chunks of meat substitutes such as mushrooms or even tofu squares, salpicao is ...

This Easy Garlicky Bangus Recipe Is Perfect For Lent

It cooks fast, too!
Whether you've pledged to abstain from eating meat or just trying to make better, healthier meal choices, you can always have a delicious meal if you know how to adjust your recipe for fish instead of meat. One type of recipe you can easily tweak to ...

WATCH: How To Cook Garlic Shrimp Pasta

The classic combo of garlic and shrimp are flavors that will make this pasta a hit.
Take the garlic + shrimp combo up a notch by tossing the flavorful combo with pasta. It's a meal you can be sure will be a hit for everyone who love the classic combo. Takes 20 minutes Makes 2 servings 200 grams dried spaghetti1/2 cup extra-virgin olive oil5 ...
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