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How To Cook Super Good Garlic Rice Without Burning The Garlic

The best garlic rice has no burnt garlic.
You might already know how to make the most flavorful garlic rice. It's an easy enough dish that it's basically a no-recipe recipe! To make garlic fried rice, you just have to heat oil, brown garlic, add rice, and season to taste. Sounds simple right? It should be but ...

How To Make Awesome Java Rice

This classic chicken barbecue pairing is delicious!
Order a chicken barbecue and rice, and you might find that you have a delicious pairing of smoked chicken in a barbecue marinade and golden-hued fried rice popularly known as "java rice". You don't taste what makes it yellow but if you cook and know local ...

WATCH: How To Make Bacsilog With Cheese Sauce

Breakfast just got better with bacon.
Tapsilog is short for tapa, sinangag, and itlog. This all changed when the tapa was swapped with another ulam. That's why when you hear the word "bacsilog", you immediately know it's bacon that is paired with your garlic fried rice and sunny-side-up egg. The popular student ...

Everything You Need To Know To Make Perfect Fried Rice

We’ve got tons of useful tips to getting it right.
Fried rice is the quintessential home cook-friendly, fuss-free dish that is, more often than not, a welcome addition to breakfast or at times, even a complete meal. It’s almost unbelievable how versatile the fried rice is, and is the type of dish ...

Bacsilog With Cheese Sauce Recipe

This popular all-day breakfast combo is made more delicious with its special sauce.
We created our own version of the famous Bacsilog, a breakfast meal that has bacon, sunny-side up egg, and sinangag or fried rice. For our version, we made an umami-packed fried rice and a special cheese sauce with some added heat to ...

Mushroom Falafel Burgers with Garlic Rice Recipe

Going meatless? Make this burger for baon!
This meatless burger recipe is baon-friendly. You can pack it up with a delicious veggie garlic fried rice, too!  ...
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