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Yema Recipe

These are made with the simplest ingredients: eggs and sugar. One piece is never enough.
These little yema balls are made with the simplest ingredients—eggs and sugar—yet they taste so good that one piece is never enough. When forming them into balls, dust hands with sugar to keep the mixture from sticking to your palms. ...

Tamales Recipe

Chef Gene Gonzalez modernizes this old Kapampangan fiesta favorite and makes easier to make at home.
Renowned chef Gene Gonzalez modernizes this old Kapampanganfiesta favorite and makes it so much easier for everyone to make at home.While the traditional Mexican tamales makes use of stone-ground corn, this is given a homegrown twist with the use of toasted rice, a staple in Pampanga from ...

A Bit on Bittman

Take a sneak peek into the life (and kitchen) of Mark Bittman, one of America’s most admired food writers.
On the set with a chef and two actors “It was great. Mario [Batali] and I are old friends and we had a great time. Claudia [Bassols] has become a dear friend, sort of like a little sister or niece to me. ...
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