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What's The Difference: Kimbap vs. Sushi

These two seaweed rolls look similar.
You might be confused about sushi. There are so many kinds of sushi! However, did you know that "sushi" actually refers to fish that's been preserved in vinegar?The sushi we think of has changed from this simple definition to the more modern definition. ...

You Can Find A Korean Street Food Stall At This LRT Station

It's owned by a Korean national!
After a long and tiring day at work, there's nothing quite like grabbing something to eat before you head home—may it be your favorite meal at a fast food chain or your favorite street food.If you ever pass by the LRT Recto ...

Where To Order Delicious Gimbaps To Satisfy Your K-ravings

One roll is not enough!
Korean dishes have reached the top spot in our list of favorite comfort food. There’s tteokbokki, Korean corndogs, ramyeon, jjajangmyeon, and a whole lot more. Now here’s something that comes in the form of a roll—gimbap!What makes gimbap extraordinary is that it’s ...
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