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Ginataang Monggo With Langka Recipe

Ginataang lankga just got better mixed with ginisang monggo.
The usual monggo stew you love having every Friday just got better. This ginataang monggo recipe is not your usual. It is not sweetened. The only sweetness is from the coconut so this is really a savory dish that you will want to serve with your favorite ...

Ginataang Langka (Young Jackfruit in Coconut Milk)

This binagoongan dish gets heartier, sweeter with a little jackfruit in the mix.
Gata, or coconut milk, is a delicious ingredient that can transform a seemingly simple dish into one that's lip-smackingly delicious. It can even make something that's normally unpalatable delicious, like unripe langka.   The trick to using a green langka or unripe jackfruit is ...
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