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Ginataang Alimasag Recipe

Coconut and crab combine to create a delicious dish.
Ginataang kalabasa recipes may sound like ordinary dishes but you'd be surprised what you can add to the humble dish to make it extra delicious and special. This recipe takes that savory ginataang recipe and ups the flavor with alimasag or crabs. Shrimp isn't the only seafood that ...

Lutik Recipe

This Ilonggo recipe is similar to the ginataang kalabasa.
You'll love this extra special combination of squash, pork, shrimp, and coconut if you love the ginataang kalabasa. Lutik is a classic Ilonggo dish enjoyed by many households in Bacolod, Iloilo, and the Negros island in the south. It’s very similar to the traditional ginataang ...

Ginataang Labong (Bamboo Shoot) Recipe

Bamboo shoots or labong is super affordable and tasty.
Creamy coconut milk helps in making bamboo shoot super delicious! This ginataang labong recipe or bamboo shoot in coconut milk recipe makes for an affordable vegetable meal that's hearty and different. Pair it with shrimps to make it even better!If you're worried about the ...

Spicy Ginataang Hipon Recipe

Chili makes this dish more delicious.
Coconut milk and shrimp are simply sauteed for this simple dish, made more appetizing with the chilis. To make this even more special, this ginataang hipon recipe gets a boost in umami from the bagoong or shrimp paste. That plus the spiciness makes this ...

Ginataang Upo With Fried Fish Recipe

The simple but giant upo is a great vegetable side dish.
The bottle gourd, or upo as it's locally known, is actually one of the most affordable vegetables on the market. Plus, its shape makes it easy to prepare since there aren't any odd protrusions that make it hard to slice and it easily cooks in ...

Ginataang Tahong Recipe

This recipe is tasty, creamy, and loaded with succulent mussels.
Many tahong recipes are simple yet flavorful, and this is no different. The ingredients to make this recipe is enough to make sure that every bite you take of either the mussels or the thick sauce the seafood are tossed in is bursting with flavor. Think of ...

Ginataang Kalabasa at Malunggay Recipe

This squash in coconut cream is a side dish that's hearty enough to be your ulam.
This side dish is a creamy, chunky, and incredibly delicious served as the side dish of your favorite fried food. Made with squash and moringa leaves simmered in coconut cream, we think this is hearty enough that it anyone who loves vegetables will happily ...

Ginataang Tulingan Recipe

Ang isda at gata ay pinagsama sa isang malinamnam na ulam.
Kung mahilig ka sa mabilis lutuin na ulam, magluto ka ng isda. Sa recipe na to, gata ang ginamit na pampa-sarap sa tulingan. Simpleng gata, konting sibuyas, luya, at sili, at patis lamang ang kailangan para maging mas malasa ang ulam. Mabilis lang lutuin ang ginataang ...

WATCH: Fresh Ube Makes This The Best Ginataang Bilo-Bilo Recipe Ever

Purple yam makes this ginataang bilo-bilo recipe a gorgeous violet hue.
Ginataang bilo-bilo is basically a coconut pudding loaded with tender sweet potato chunks, saba bananas, sago, and rice balls or the bilo-bilo. Sometimes, langka or sweetened jackfruit are added for additional sweetness.  It's the bilo-bilo that makes this dessert what it is. Similar to the popular mochi balls, ...

Filipino Ginataan Recipe

Ginataan or ginataang bilo-bilo is a sweet treat made with sticky rice balls.
Ginataan or ginataang bilo-bilo is a sweet treat made with sticky rice balls. It's a Filipino recipe that is often enjoyed for merienda or dessert.A classic ginataang bilo-bilo recipe contains a mix of many of the ingredients you love that's been made into minatamis: saba bananas, sago, ...

Ginataang Langka (Young Jackfruit in Coconut Milk)

This binagoongan dish gets heartier, sweeter with a little jackfruit in the mix.
Gata, or coconut milk, is a delicious ingredient that can transform a seemingly simple dish into one that's lip-smackingly delicious. It can even make something that's normally unpalatable delicious, like unripe langka.   The trick to using a green langka or unripe jackfruit is ...

Ginataang Halo-Halo Recipe

Try this updated version of ginataan and bite into the chewy rice balls to discover a sweet surprise.
This is one of the creamiest, great tasting, easy no-bake desserts you can make on the stove! It's a coconut milk and sticky rice dessert that you can slurp! Ginataang halo-halo is a rich and creamy dessert dish that is typically served during ...
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