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Ginisang Pusit Recipe

Squid cooks fast and easy and becomes flavorful just as easily, too.
This is a fast and easy recipe, once you get your squid prepared. Garlic, onions, and tomatoes, plus some additional ingredients make it taste better. This is a simple squid recipe you should think about making.  ...

Ginisang Kangkong Recipe

Ang kangkong ay ginawang mas masarap.
Hindi kailangan maging komplikado ang recipe para maging masarap. Ang kangkong recipe na ito ay simpleng recipe lang ngunit masarap siya! Konting gisa lang at konting pampalasa ang kailangan lang para makagawa ka ng masarap na kangkong na pwede mong ihain kasama ang ...

Ginisang Kamatis Recipe

Ang simpleng kamatis ay pwedeng maging masarap!
Masarap ang kamatis ihain kasama ang sibuyas at itlog na puti. Pero pwede din itong lutuin and igisa para makagawa ng madali pero masarap na ulam. Madali lang ang pagluto ng kamatis dahil ang kamatis ay di kailangan lutuin ng matagal. Sa recipe na ito, ginisa ...

Ginisang Sardinas Recipe

Pwede kang magluto ng sardinas na hindi malansa.
Mahilig ka ba sa sardinas ngunit di mo gusto yun lansa? May isang sahog na pwede mo gamitin upang mabawasan ang lansa ng sardinas. Ang ulam na ito any hindi lang ginisa sa kamatis, sibuyas, at bawang, nilagyan din siya ng konting calamansi at ...

Upo Guisado (Sauteed Upo) Recipe

This easy veggie recipe can easily be one of your go-to weekday dishes.
Running out of vegetable dish ideas? This sauteed upo dish comes together in less than an hour! Upo, or bottle gourd, is an easy vegetable to prepare! Just cut it up and saute with some flavorful ingredients. Even the simple ginisa trinity, the garlic, ...

Ginisang Sitaw at Kalabasa (Sautéed Green Beans and Squash) Recipe

This stir-fry is a healthy side dish that comes together in only a few minutes.
Need a quick and easy pick-me-up? Try this ginisang sitaw at kalabasa recipe!This stir-fry is a healthy side dish that comes together in only a few minutes. Sautéing the vegetables gives it a beautiful and vibrant color that is sure to make ...
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