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WATCH: These Are The Regional Dishes We're Craving

These dishes are homegrown favorites!
Who doesn't miss their beloved dishes from their hometowns? We sure do and we're also certain that sometimes, the craving for dishes that make you nostalgic for home hits once in a while, too. Not to worry! Even if you're far away from your ...

WATCH: How To Make Gising-Gising

This green bean-heavy dish is made heartier, meatier with ground pork, too.
Gising-gising is a gulay recipe made more delicious and heartier with the addition of some ground pork into what would be an otherwise green bean-heavy dish. This vegetable-laden dish is made with two kinds of veggies: green beans and sigarilas. Also known as a winged beans, ...

These 5 Easy Recipes Are This Mom's Answer To Everyday Meals

A mom shares their easy #OUFTD (Our Ulam For The Day) that her whole family enjoys.
Lorraine Llorin is a well-known blogger who runs the Facebook page Super Momma. As a former nurse turned full-time work-at-home mom, she admits meal planning had always been a dilemma in their household, especially because her family—her husband and three children—loves to eat.Whenever ...

Seafood Gising-Gising Recipe

This quick seafood gising-gising recipe comes together in less than 30 minutes.
This seafood gising-gising recipe has crab meat, shrimp, and mussels sauteed in coconut milk.  ...

Gising-Gising with Kangkong Recipe

This gising-gising recipe has lots of kangkong in it, making it an easy and healthy side dish for your Filipino meals.
Load up on your veggies with a Filipino favorite: gising-gising! This stir-fry recipe has a good serving of kangkong, or water spinach, along with pork and coconut milk. It's sure to wake you up with a burst of mouthwatering flavors and textures. ...

Green Curry Gising Gising Recipe

Green curry paste adds an exciting twist to the local winged beans recipe.
Green curry paste adds an exciting twist to the local winged beans recipe. The herbs and spices in this dish are high in anti-oxidants, promote better digestion, and help prevent colds, cough, and congestion. ...
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