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Kilawin na Puso ng Saging sa Sotanghon (Vinegar Stewed Banana Blossom in Vermicelli Noodles) Recipe

This hearty dish is easy to make!
An easy veggie recipe perfect for the Lenten season. You can make it by omitting the ground pork and replacing it with any seafood of your choice. I also love adding fried tofu for an additional healthy protein source.  ...

Korean Pancit Recipe

Upgrade your usual Filipino noodle dish with this easy recipe!
The secret to my Korean pancit recipe is mixing the flavor of the Korean glass noodles with canned Chinese stewed pork. Vegetables are then added to make it into a nice and complete noodle dish.  ...

Japchae Recipe

Make this well-known Korean dish at home!
Japchae is a famous traditional Korean dish. The word translates to "mixed vegetables". The dish resembles our very own pansit guisado that is usually served during celebrations. ...

WATCH: How To Cook Chapchae

You can find all the ingredients for this Korean noodle dish at the supermarket, so you can make it at home.
Chapchae, cellophane or glass noodles tossed in a sweet-salty sauce with carrots, mushrooms, and cabbage, is usually paired with your main dish. It's the Korean version of our pancit bihon but using a sweet potato-based noodle that, when cooked, turns transparent. Look through the international section of your ...

Pancit Sotanghon Guisado Recipe

Feeding a crowd? Whip up a pancit dish that everyone will love.
Everybody loves pancit. In fact, no celebration can be complete without a pancit dish on the buffet table. This all-time favorite pancit dish can be made in two ways, as dry noodles like this recipe here or as “soupy” sotanghon cooked with lots of ...

Grilled Beef and Glass Noodles in Kimchi Broth

Sweet broth, spicy kimchi, glass noodles, and beef bulgogi slices make this the perfect for rainy days.
Sweet broth, spicy kimchi, glass noodles, and beef bulgogi slices make this the perfect bowl for rainy days. ...
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