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Puto Calasiao Recipe

This classic puto is easy to make if you've got time.
This sticky white puto, or steamed rice cake, from Calasiao in Pangasinan is easy to make. It begins with malagkit rice which is ground and made into a batter before being steamed. The biggest investment is time to allow the rice to ...

Corn and Cheese Puto Recipe

Corn and cheese combine to make this puto tastier and better.
You can add many things to puto, or steamed rice cakes, but there is one flavor that many people love: cheese. What's so great about this ingredient is that it's highly versatile! You can add it to dessert, to the main dish, make it ...

Have You Tried These Different Kinds of Suman?

Steamed rice cakes differ from region to region in the Philippines.
Kakanin is one of the most distinct food you can find in Asia. Because of our rice-growing agricultural sector, rice is the common starch in the Asian diet. Since rice is so plentiful, it’s only appropriate that every meal has the grain, ...
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