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We Found Three New Flavors Of Soju In The Supermarket!

The melon-flavored soju is delish!
Is soju your go-to drink when you’re eating Korean barbecue, when you’re watching Korean dramas, or when you just simply need a nightcap? If you’ve been a longtime fan of this Korean distilled spirit, you probably have your favorite soju flavors by now. ...

Peach And Blueberry Soju Fans, You Can Score These Soju Bottles At 50% Off!

For your next e-numan session.
As much as we miss having a relaxing drinking session with friends, this remains off the table while we’re all in quarantine. The next best feasible and safer option? Schedule an e-numan or online inuman with your friends. If you’re go-to drink is soju, ...
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