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Guys, Goto Believe Is Accepting Pre-Orders Of Their Delicious Goto Until Today Only!

Because any day is a perfect day for goto—even if it is summer.
If there's one thing we're certain about the enhanced community quarantine is that there's nothing wrong with treating yourselves to your favorite comfort food. Goto Believe is accepting pre-orders of its popular, oh-so-delicious goto, to be delivered to your doorstep on Tuesday, ...

Chicken Goto Recipe

Comfort food at its best just got updated!
Do you know the differences between goto, lugaw, and congee? All of these are your basic rice porridge dishes usually made with malagkit rice that is simmered in lots of water to create a gruel. Chicken lugaw is more commonly known as ...

Batangas Goto Recipe - Paano Lutuin At Mga Sangkap

Lunurin ang mainit na kanin sa nakakabusog at nakaka-ginhawa na sabaw.
Ang sinabawang tuwalya na ito na galing sa Batangas ay medyo naiiba sa regular na goto. Ang bersyon na ito ay may tuwalya, bituka, at paa ng baka sa sabaw na pinalasa ng sibuyas, luya, at annatto powder. Ihain ito kasama ng ...

What To Eat In Batangas On Your Next Road Trip

There's more than just Barako coffee.
One thing you’ll notice when you make a trip to Lipa, Batangas is that there’s a quiet buzz in the city. Public transportation taking people to and fro, bakeries opening shop at the crack of dawn, people in constant motion, the whole ...

WATCH: How to Make Batangas-style Goto

If you love the goto served in Batangas, this is a recipe you can try at home.
If you haven't tried the goto that's served in Batangas, you might get surprised: it's not the same goto you're used to. The Batangas goto is not a rice porridge. It's actually a tripe soup made with beef and pork innards, beef shanks, ginger, ...

You've Never Had Goto Like This Before

You have to taste it to believe it!
One of the dishes Filipinos love to eat all year round is a bowl of goto. This type of rice porridge uses ox tripe to give flavor and it's a go-to comfort food of most Filipinos and many other Asian countries. It’s simple ...

Here's How To Tell Lugaw, Congee, Goto, and Arroz Caldo From Each Other

Rice porridge goes by a lot of names, but it’s not just the name that’s different.
If you’ve been confused by the many names of rice porridge, you’re not alone. A lot of cultures around the world have their own version of rice porridge or lugaw. In our country alone, we have many versions of lugaw with different ...

Batangas Goto is Not The Same Goto We Have in Manila

It’s a soup, rather than a porridge.
Goto, as most Metro Manila residents know, is a popular meal. Known under the umbrella term of “lugaw” which is most basic of the rice porridges found in the country, goto is variant of lugaw (congee) seasoned with a little ginger and patis ...

Craving for Batangas Goto? We Have a Home Cook-Friendly Recipe That You Need to Try

This Batangas goto recipe is 100% home cook-friendly—you’ll be surprised at how easy it is to make it at home!
Batangas goto is a little different from the porridge-like ones that you’ve probably tasted. Batangas goto isn’t a congee; it’s a soup. The soup is flavored with onions, ginger, annatto powder, and has a base broth made by simmering tripe, intestines, liver, ...

Goto (Beef Congee) Recipe

This Filipino take on the beef congee is comforting and filling!
This Filipino take on the beef congee is comforting and filling!This goto recipe requires soaking the beef tripe overnight. This ensures that not only is your tripe clean and odor-free, but soaking will also help rinse away any impurities that may linger. This is probably why many ...
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