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These Lava Pancakes Are Bursting With Ooey Gooey Chocolate

This isn't your ordinary soufflé pancake.
For sure, chocolate fans celebrated World Chocolate Day on July 7. It could have meant ordering a classic chocolate cake from GrabFood or Foodpanda, or baking a Big Al's-Style chocolate cake, or "baking" a chocolate cake in a rice cooker. As for Gram ...

This Souffle Pancake Is Oozing With Cream And Topped With Boba

Get it while you can, there will only be 30 servings per day!
One of the best places to satisfy your pancake cravings is at Gram Café and Pancakes! This franchised brand from Japan whips up a mean soufflé pancake—on the menu, it's called Premium Pancakes. The café is serving a new version of their ...

Strawberry Doughnut Sandwich? Nope, These Are Made With Fluffy Pancakes!

These aren't your typical strawberry-filled doughnut sandwiches.
Gram Cafe and Pancakes has always been about flipping the softest, fluffiest pancakes in town. While it’s a no-brainer to try their Premium Souffle Pancakes, the Japanese café also has other items on the menu worth trying. The latest addition to their menu ...

This Pancake Sandwich Is Filled With Cream And Crushed Cookies

Cookies and cream fans, you should definitely try this!
Gram Café & Pancakes released an Ube Cool Premium Sandwich earlier this December, but they just added a new pancake flavor just before the year ends. For the cookie fans out there, you should definitely try the café's new Cookies & Cream Cool Premium ...

This Pancake Sandwich Has A Melts-In-The-Mouth Ube Cream Filling

This ube version is a recent addition to their menu.
If you love pancakes but love ube pancakes even more, you need to try Gram Cafe & Pancakes' different take on ube pancakes. Meet the Ube Cool Premium Sandwich.This new dessert is simply an ube-fied version of their Cool Premium Sandwich. The only difference is that ...

You Can Finally Treat Yourself To These Jiggly Pancakes!

This is available for takeout only!
Have you been craving cloud-like, airy, melt-in-your-mouth pancakes? You can finally satisfy that craving because Gram Cafe & Pancakes is resuming operations so you can, at long last, try their famous pancake items at home!According to a Facebook post by Gram Cafe & ...

Gram Café's French Toast Has Strawberries And Ice Cream!

Japan's Gram Cafe & Pancakes has more to offer than just their souffle pancakes.
Just in case you missed it: Japan’s Gram Cafe & Pancakes, famous for its souffle pancakes, has finally opened a branch in SM Megamall, its first-ever branch in Manila. Ordering the Premium Souffle Pancakes is a given (just remember there’s a fixed ...

Japan's Gram Cafe Opens In Manila: Menu + Recommendations!

The Premium Souffle Pancakes are a must-try!
Japan takes their desserts seriously and you can see that in all the patisseries and cafes along the streets, inside the malls, and even convenience stores all over Japan. Japanese souffle pancakes are just one of the must-try eats when in Japan and ...

Is Japan's Gram Café & Pancakes Opening In Manila?

They’re popular for their three-stack pancakes.
Gram Café and Pancakes is an Osaka-based shop known for its fluffy three-stack souffle pancakes. The pancakes are as soft as a sponge and they only offer a limited amount on a daily basis. According to the official website, they only offer ...
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