WATCH: Buttery Fried Chicken Is The Next Level Fried Chicken You Need In Your Life

You know you're Pinoy when you eat even the most buttery fried chicken with lots and lots of gravy.
One would think that fried chicken is already quite an appetizing dish but we have a recipe that takes it over-the-top—in both flavor and texture. This golden fried chicken recipe doesn't just cover each chicken piece in a flavorful coating, it also tells you ...

All The Tips You Need For Making Delicious Homemade Gravy

Your homemade version can be delicious!
No fried chicken meal is complete without some gravy served on the side. For most, it's what we grew up with, and it’s what we expect from our fried chicken meals. You may have attempted to make a delicious gravy at home, ...

Basic Gravy Recipe

It's the perfect sauce to serve with any fried dish.
Never be #chickensad with this easy gravy recipe. You can use any stock to make the one that will pair with your dish.  ...

WATCH: This Is The No-Fuss Classic Fried Chicken Recipe You Want

This is the fried chicken recipe for you.
If you want a nostalgic taste of home cooking, you should try this classic fried chicken recipe. There are no fancy techniques involved in making this recipe. This classic fried chicken recipe requires no overnight marinating. Just season, dredge, and cook.This is the fried chicken recipe for every ...

Burger Steak with Gravy Recipe

Serve a juicy burger patty over rice and pour gravy on top!
Not all burgers are served in between burger buns! That patty is really just a mound of ground beef that's just waiting to be served doused with flavorful gravy and rice on the side. This fuss-free burger patty dish is considered as comfort food ...
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