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Adobong Sitaw with Chicken Recipe

Make your adobong sitaw heartier with some fast-cooking chicken.
Make cooking your adobong sitaw recipe faster just by making the simple swap from using pork to chicken. Since you don't have to wait for the pork to become tender, you can immediately toss everything together and serve it in minutes!It's the ...

Green Beans Recipe With Ground Pork and Tofu

Easy, fast, and flavorful, this stir fry can satisfy the mightiest of hungers.
You check two of the required food groups in one delicious stir-fried recipe: your meat serving is met by the ground pork and the green beans and tofu meet two servings of vegetables. This meal is made more satisfying by the flavorful sauce that the trio is tossed in.  ...

Crispy Sitaw Recipe

This makes the crispiest green bean snack!
String beans are highly underrated, and this easy recipe will make you appreciate how easy it is to prepare. Plus, this makes a delicious snack or pica-pica food for any gathering.  ...

WATCH: How To Make Gising-Gising

This green bean-heavy dish is made heartier, meatier with ground pork, too.
Gising-gising is a gulay recipe made more delicious and heartier with the addition of some ground pork into what would be an otherwise green bean-heavy dish. This vegetable-laden dish is made with two kinds of veggies: green beans and sigarilas. Also known as a winged beans, ...

Cheesy Ginisang Baguio Beans Recipe

Who said sautéed vegetables had to be boring?
Crunchy, delicious Baguio beans are coated with slightly sweet garlic, a generous amount of cheese, and aromatic, creamy butter in this ginisang Baguio beans recipe. Even picky eaters will love this veggie dish. ...

Chicken and Green Beans Recipe

Fast and easy, this chicken and green beans recipe is perfect for weekday dinners.
Looking for a new chicken recipe? You'll love that this chicken and green bean recipe is simple yet tasty.  ...

Roasted Green Beans and Shallots Recipe

Roasted vegetables can accompany all your favorite mains as a tasty side dish.
This recipe for roasted vegetables requires minimum effort: spread green beans and shallots in a roasting tin, rotate every few minutes, and enjoy the toasty caramelized flavors! Roasted vegetables can accompany all your favorite mains as a tasty side dish. ...

Beans with Salted Egg Sauce Recipe

A simple veggie dish is made more special with a savory-spicy sauce!
Love cooking with green beans? This vegetable dish has a surprising savory-spicy sauce made with salted eggs! ...

Pork and Beans

The is a snap to make and uses just one pan!
The pork and beans dish is also a snap to put together and uses just one pan - that means less to clean up afterwards and less energy spent. It's also a great way to get your family to eat their greens. ...

Claude Tayag

The King of Pampango cuisine names his favorite local food ingredients.
Claude Tayag53, artist, writer and chef "[I learned to cook] I guess exposure at home with my mother’s cooking. I come from a fairly large family. I am the ninth of twelve children. There was constant cooking and “feeding” of an army, literally, ...
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