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Use These Green Papaya Substitutes For Your Tinola Recipe

Turn to these easy ingredient substitutes for the green fruit instead.
The selection of food in recent years has blossomed and grown to include even the most rare of ingredients. Even the most obscure and hard-to-find ingredients are now available at your local supermarket and weekend markets. So what do you do when one of the more common ...

WATCH: How to Make Atsara (Pickled Green Papaya) Recipe

This pickled green papaya recipe is a Pinoy staple!
This pickled green papaya recipe is a Pinoy favorite! Pair it with tapa and grilled meats.4 cups green papaya, peeled2 to 4 tablespoons rock salt1/2 cup vinegar1/3 cup brown sugar1/3 cup white sugar1 red bell pepper, sliced1 head garlic20 pieces red shallots1 ...

Som Tam (Green Papaya Salad) Recipe

Green papaya takes the limelight in this Asian salad.
Green papaya takes the limelight in this salad, perfectly complemented by a dressing that is sweet, salty, sour, and spicy all at once. ...

Papaya Atchara Recipe

Make this favorite side dish a scene-stealer by mastering this simple recipe.
We often take for granted the side dishes we eat with our ulams, but this is one side dish that you can make and then eat for days to come! Atchara is especially delicious with grilled or fried food. Atchara, or pickled green papaya, is a ...
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