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Seafood Dishes To Cook Outdoors

Bring out your grill and cook like you're on the beach.
Grilling food outdoors is truly has a different feel from the usual cooking you do in the kitchen.The breeze wafts by and any aromas from the food you're cooking are carried immediately away from you to entice any and all those in ...

These Are The Easiest Seafood Dishes You Can Make This Summer

These seafood recipes are a crowd-pleaser.
Summer means access to loads of fresh seafood! If you’re cutting down on meat, seafood is also a good alternative to still get a delicious, hefty protein in your diet. Any of these seafood dishes will certainly tick all your boxes: they’re all ...

Meals By the Beach Have Never Been This Good

We think great vacations include great food!
If you've always thought beach life was just all about grilled food and the simplest dishes you can find, think again. Hotels and destinations are rethinking experiences that go beyond the 'gram and are making sure that there's something to talk about beyond a pretty ...

This is the Only Sauce You Need When Serving Grilled Seafood

Margarine and calamansi juice makes the perfect dipping sauce to any seafood.
Grilled seafood is a magical and delicious feast. The addition of smoky flavors when you grill squid, fish, shellfish, and prawns elevates these delicious ingredients into one that satisfies. So how can you add more decadence to an already delicious meal? By serving it with ...

Grilled Marlin with Aligue Sauce Recipe

Add an exciting seafood dish to your weekend spread.
This grilled fish is made more flavorful with an aligue (crab fat) and calamansi sauce.  ...

Grilled Seafood Platter with Atsuete-Calamansi Sauce Recipe

This grilled seafood dish is surprisingly simple to make!
The great thing about seafood is that it doesn't take much to make it taste good or look amazing. This grilled seafood platter is perfect for weekends and outdoor parties! Pair it with a tart atsuete-calamansi sauce to help highlight those fresh ...

Grilled Tanigue Recipe

For a clean, wholesome lunch, pair grilled fish with fresh greens.
For a clean and wholesome lunch, grilled tanigue is sure to lead you towards a healthier lifestyle. Not a fan of tanigue? Lapu-lapu, salmon, tuna, or dory works just as well. Any type of fish is great especially since they are high ...

Grilled Prawns with Carrots and Singkamas Recipe

The crunchy, juicy singkamas turns into sweet, lightly smokey bits.
The crunchy, juicy singkamas turns into sweet, lightly smokey bits. ...
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