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Get A Free Landers Membership When You Shop Online!

This promo ends on August 1 so don’t miss out.
There’s a big bee-shaped hole in our hearts that misses online grocery deliveries. Skipping the line and the traffic was a big timesaver. Thankfully, Landers has stepped up to fill the space! You can actually shop online on their website and get ...

Get Export-Grade Fish Delivered To Your Doorstep

Getting freshest fish has never been this easy.
Have you ever bought a great-looking, fresh fish, only to come home with something less spectacular? Have you ever wondered how you can try to cook the same seafood dish as a restaurant and yet fall short? Well, it just might be ...

You Can Add More Bulalo To Your Nilaga, Thanks To This Promo

You deserve your own piece of beef shank.
What’s your favorite part in beef stew? For us, it’s that bone marrow from the beef shanks that we call bulalo! That oily, light, scant find coats your mouth in a mellow, satisfying flavor. It’s also that bone marrow that seeps into ...

Score The Freshest Meat With These Insider Tips

The best dishes are always made with the best ingredients.
There are two important components to cooking: your skill and your ingredients. That’s why it’s so important that when you cook, you know how and where to get the best ingredients: this includes getting the best meat possible! The best part is ...
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