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Decoding The Different Kinds of Canned Tuna

Do you know the difference between the different cans in the grocery?
These are many brands and variants of canned tuna in the stores. An entire shelf can be full of all the different kinds of canned tuna, so it can be overwhelming to see all that variety and not know the differences. Learn ...

Different Street Food You Can Buy In The Supermarket

Did you know you can buy chicken skin in the supermarket?
One of the things we certainly miss since the quarantine started is being able to enjoy the ritual of eating street food, especially for merienda. But just because we are at home for the time being and cannot go to our suking ...

Grocery Hack: Go To These Places If You Need Condiments + Kitchen Basics

Skip the long grocery lines and go here instead!
The quarantine will end sooner or later but the toll this has on everyone is being felt. When you do venture out of your homes, you're faced with long lines everywhere and if you drop by the palengke, you might find more people ...

Everything You Need To Know About Using Canned Mushrooms

Canned mushrooms can add bulk to any dish.
Canned goods will always be a good buy in the supermarket. When you're grocery shopping for food that will not only last weeks, months, and years into the future but also are ready to eat straight from the can, canned food are the ...

What To Buy: Stock Up On These Grocery Items For The Quarantine

Canned goods aren't the only food items you should grab at the supermarket.
The COVID-19 virus has shown us that being prepared is more than just a personal responsibility. It has shown us that it really does take a community to not only raise a child, but it also takes a community to help protect everyone.If you're going to ...

Do You Miss Pinipig Crunch? We Know Where To Buy One!

Have you tried both flavors?
Remember when summer afternoons meant waiting for the ice cream vendor and finally getting your hands on your favorite ice cream? If you’re missing the icy treats from your childhood (and on the hunt for a delicious, bang-for-your-buck frozen dessert), you can ...

Our Favorite Grocery Finds In 2018

Add these to your cart on your next trip to the grocery!
We’ve walked through the aisles of supermarkets and convenience stores this year and we discovered grocery items that eventually became our go-to comfort food and our pantry staples. From breakfast sausages, margarine, instant noodles, canned goods, ice cream, and drinks–we’ve rounded up our list of ...

These 8 Grocery Finds From the Asian Aisle Will Add Flavor To Your Meals

These will make your dishes extra flavorful!
You don’t have to go out of your way to get these Asian flavors onto your plate. Robinson's Supermarket's Asian aisle will provide you with a variety of flavorful supermarket finds that can transform your meats, fried rice, stir-fry dishes, sandwiches, and more. ...

Do Your Groceries This Weekend: Landers Superstore's Crazy Sale is Until March 4

Where’s your grocery list?
Landers Superstore is slashing prices off a lot of items for another round of their Crazy Sale happening until March 4, Sunday.Expect buy one, take one deals on a lot of kitchen and storage containers and 50% discounts on cooking sets, P100-wines, ...

5 More Ways to Save on Groceries This Month

Try these on your next grocery run.
Been meaning to save extra money on your groceries? It all starts with proper meal-planning (and sticking to it!) and being mindful of your lifestyle. Know which purchases you can’t live without and how you use them—this makes it easier to stick to ...

5 Things You Should Grab at The Grocery Store This Summer

Shop smart and don’t let that heat get to you.
The sun is shining, the beaches are ready to be raided and it’s the perfect time to load up on treats like ice cream and barbecue!With summer get-togethers in mind, we’ve put together a list of great grocery finds which we think ...

5 Grocery Items You Should Try This Week

Hit the grocery and whip up summer-perfect meals with these finds.
This summer, outdoor barbecues and big family get-togethers call for effortless meals and tasty eats. Change up your usual gorcery store picks and hit the aisles for some unexpected but reliable buys: Knorr Fiesta Sides Taco Rice Serve on the side or ...
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