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These Ground Meat Recipes Make Cooking Meals Easier + Faster

Cook meals faster with this easy meat swap plus other tips to speeding up cooking.
We know a few cooking tips and tricks to make cooking your meals faster and easier. One way to cook meals faster is to change your ingredients. There are ingredients that cook faster than others, and it can be an easy swap. The best swap to do ...

All The Delicious Different Ways Ground Beef Is Used Around The World

Stuck with the same old giniling recipe? Give these a try!
Ground beef is one versatile ingredient! Wherever there’s ground beef, there is a new way to have it.All around the world, people have come up with creative and delicious ways to season and cook their ground beef. Ground beef can be used for ...

Green Beans Recipe With Ground Pork and Tofu

Easy, fast, and flavorful, this stir fry can satisfy the mightiest of hungers.
You check two of the required food groups in one delicious stir-fried recipe: your meat serving is met by the ground pork and the green beans and tofu meet two servings of vegetables. This meal is made more satisfying by the flavorful sauce that the trio is tossed in.  ...

Macaroni and Cheese Pie Recipe

This is what happens when you mix mac and cheese and shepherd's pie together.
Shepherd's pie recipes are a fantastic substitute for the usual easy lasagna recipe that you might want to make. A shepherd's pie, however, is usually a mashed potato-topped dish with a savory ground meat mix underneath. It's the ultimate one-pan meal! You may want to take a ...

Beef Empanada Recipe

This fast and easy recipe is a flavorful beef version of your usual chicken-stuffed empanada.
Beef empanadas are turnovers made with pastry dough and stuffed with a beef filling. These emapanadas can be baked or fried, and while this easy empanada recipe features beef, it can also be filled with other meats or vegetables.Empanada is from the ...

Cook A Big Batch of Ground Beef and Make 7 Dinners With It

Dinner can be as easy!
Making (and planning) dinner doesn't need to be a chore! These ground meat recipes can come together in less time than the usual. That's because the beef is already cooked, and that's half the recipe done already. All you have to do when you've got some ...

You Can Make Delicious Meals Using Ground Meat

You can make dishes with ground meat exciting again.
Ground meat—whether beef, pork, chicken, or even fish—cooks fast and doesn’t need to tenderize because the small size of the chunks of meat is already small enough to be tender to the bite. That’s why it’s a favorite meat for those who lead ...

5 More Ways To Use Meatballs From The Supermarket

Grab these ready-to-cook meats to make great meals.
Meatballs aren’t just for spaghetti. The great thing with meatballs is that it can be used for a variety of dishes. Here are 5 ways to rediscover your imagination in the kitchen using prepared meatballs from the supermarket: 1 Asian Meatball Sandwich You can ...
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