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All The Ways You Can Cook Kalabasa

Use any of these techniques to cook it differently every time.
You can do more than just simmer kalabasa on the stove. In fact, your dishes might be better off if you didn't just boil it! If you roasted the kalabasa instead of just boiling or steaming chunks in water, you will actually develop more flavor, caramelize the ...

Togue Recipes With Tofu You'll Find Delicious

Bean sprouts and tokwa are easy to cook and affordable, too.
Monggo is an underestimated ingredient in the kitchen. Take the humble monggo to new heights by adding it to dishes as togue or bean sprouts for a burst of freshness. Paired with tofu or tokwa, it can be the more filling and satisfying meal that can take the place ...

This Meal Plan Helps You Add One Gulay Dish To Your Daily Meals

Choose your kind of veggie side dish.
Do you have a hard time thinking of how to add veggies to your daily meals? Getting tired of the same gulay recipe you've been serving over and over again? You can make vegetables the hero of the table!  Here are a couple ...

Easy One-Vegetable Recipes To Try This Week

It's okay to grab a bundle, a bag, or the entire bunch.
If there was one vegetable you could eat for the rest of your life, what vegetable would it be? Are potatoes your favorite? Are carrots the love of your foodie life? Does a bowl of tender and sweet kalabasa chunks make your heart ...

All The Vegetable Recipes You Never Thought Of Making

We bet you didn't think to do this to vegetables!
Vegetables don't always get the love and attention it should get. While meat is always craved, it's vegetables that take the supporting role. In a country with an abundance of delicious and fresh vegetables, you should learn to love your greens, oranges, reds, and even the yellows ...

All The Ways You Can Make Adobong Gulay

Make your side dishes flavorful and healthy.
We all know we need to eat more vegetables. A sure way to do so is to make sure that the vegetables we cook are absolutely delicious and flavorful. Whether as a side dish or maybe even the viand, these adobong gulay ...
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