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How To Cook Gyoza In A Frying Pan

It's easier than using a steamer.
Gyoza, also known as jiozai or potstickers in the west, are Japanese dumplings. These are meaty dumplings that are folded in pleated half-moon shaped parcels. These are commonly steamed but what makes these so unique is that these also have crispy parts. The ...

This Taiwanese Restaurant Offers Frozen Packs Of Dumplings, Gyoza, Noodles, And More!

These are available for delivery within Metro Manila.
Take a break from the usual fried food and have some dim sum instead. Ersao, a Taiwanese restaurant, introduces its Home Cook Frozen Delight packs and yes, these are available for delivery.Ersao offers dumplings with different fillings: there’s pork (P230/30 pieces), kuchay ...

Enjoy P50 Milk Tea For The Whole Month Of October

You do not want to miss this, milk tea fans.
Milk tea is slowly becoming a part of our daily indulgences, but drinking milk tea on a day to day basis is not exactly budget-friendly. Most milk tea shops offer these beverages with a P100 price point, but, thankfully, you can have your ...

You Can Now Find Authentic Sapporo Miso Ramen In Manila!

Perfect comfort food during the rainy weather.
Sapporo, a city in Hokkaido prefecture, is famous for one of our favorite rainy-weather essentials: ramen, more specifically, miso ramen. If you’re not familiar with what miso actually is, this is a traditional Japanese seasoning produced by fermenting soybeans with salt and koji ...

This Is How To Cook Gyoza That's Crunchy In A Pan

Get the perfect bite!
What makes the perfect gyoza? Is it really the filling or is it the wrapper? We’d like to argue that it’s the latter. When describing the perfect gyoza, it can be a range of delicious fillings, from vegetarian, classic, to something adventurous ...

Tip of the Week: How to Fold and Pleat Gyoza Like a Pro

Learn how to fold and pleat gyoza like pro with these easy steps.
Master making these Japanese dumplings at home by learning the easiest fold-and-pleat technique! Don't be intimited: making gyoza is much easier than you think.  1  Place one wrapper on the palm of your hand. Put 1 teaspoon filling in the center.   2  Brush outer edges ...

Gyoza Recipe

When making gyoza, remember to both steam and fry them to get soft and crunchy textures.
The secret to making everyone’s favorite Japanese dumpling? Don’t just steam it; fry it, too! ...


The secret to a good gyoza is in the wrapper? Roll them out as thinly get that perfectly crunchy-chewy bite.
Be it in little food stalls or in fine dining restaurants, these tasty little potstickers are always a delight to eat. The secret to a good gyoza is in the wrapper—roll them out as thinly as possible to get that perfectly crunchy-chewy ...

Beef and Cheese Kaldereta Gyoza

These delicate Japanese potstickers are packed with the bold, rich flavors of kaldereta—truly a winning combination!
These delicate Japanese potstickers are packed with the bold, rich flavors of kaldereta—truly a winning combination! ...

Spreadable Beer, Black Hotdogs + More Food News

Beer-lovers will love this bottle, too.
Spreadable beer, anyone? Just in time for Oktoberfest season! According to The Huffington Post, Birra Spalmabile "spreads just like ganache and tastes like a brew." A jar contains 40 percent beer and may be used with both sweet and savory food. Birra ...
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