OMG, Wendy's New Burger Has Christmas Ham!

This makes us more excited for Christmas!
There's a Christmas ham in this Wendy's burger, and you'll love it! Introducing the Christmas Ham Bacon Mushroom Melt burger! It still has a juicy, flavorful grilled beef patty with melted American cheese, cheddar sauce, semi-crispy bacon, and slices of mushrooms sandwiched in ...

Pork Hamonado Recipe - Paano Lutuin At Mga Sangkap

Siguradong magiging paborito ng lahat ang matamis na putaheng ito.
Ang pork hamonado ay isang manamis-namis at malasang putahe na karaniwang inihahain tuwing kapaskuhan.Ang Filipinong putahe na ito ay gawa sa lomo ng baboy, toyo, asukal at iba pang malinamnam na mga sangkap. Ang katas ng pinya o pineapple juice ang karaniwang ...

These Embutido Recipes Are The Meatiest, Tastiest Meals You'll Ever Make

These meaty recipes showcase how flavorful and versatile embutido is.
An embutido, or embotido, is usually found on the buffet table at Christmas but there is nothing that says we can't have it at any other time of the year. Embutido is really just a combination of ground meat, seasonings, some vegetables if desired, and an egg ...

My Lola's Hamoncito Was a Christmas Best Seller in Divisoria

My half-Chinese Lola came up with her bestselling "authentic" ham in just two days.
“Marunong ka ba gumawa ng hamoncito?” one of my Lola’s loyal customers, a suki, had asked one day. (Do you know how to cook Christmas ham?) It was in the '70s when my Lola was selling pork at Tabora Divisoria Wet Market. ...

Christmas Hamoncito Recipe

This is a family recipe and the hamoncito used to be sold in Divisoria!
This ham recipe only uses five ingredients!  With such few components, what could possibly make this recipe so special? The secret is time! Salting your meat beforehand, marinating for more than one night, and the long syrup-reduction process ensures that the meat is tender ...

7 Recipes for Your Holiday Ham

Your holiday ham is good for more than just Noche Buena.
Noche Buena is not complete without ubiquitous holiday ham! That also means though, that freezers are going to be full with leftover ham. Here are some ideas, recipes and quick swaps you can make to enjoy what's left of this holiday favorite: What defines ...

Sweet Ham with Pineapple Sauce Recipe

The touch of sweetness in this ham complements the tangy compote.
The touch of sweetness in this ham complements the tangy compote. Got leftovers? Turn them into grilled ham and cheese sandwiches or ham and vegetable omelets. ...

Piña Ham with Mango Chutney Recipe

For a medley of flavors, pair boneless smoked ham with a sweet chutney.
For a medley of flavors, pair boneless smoked ham with a sweet chutney. Make an outstanding platter by serving it with grapes, walnuts, aged cheeses, crackers, and freshly baked bread. ...

Bone-in Chinese Ham Recipe

The smoky taste pairs well with the flavors of the fruity compote.
Game to make your own ham for the holidays? For bold and intense flavor, choose bone-in, woodchip-smoked ham. The smoky taste pairs well with the equally assertive flavors of the fruity compote. Round it out with soft and mild kesong puti or ...

Homemade Ham Glaze Recipe

Coat your ham with your own homemade glaze.
Go the extra mile and upgrade your usual ham by tenderizing it in a homemade glaze that's lip-smacking good. It's easier to make than you think!  ...

Mac and Cheese with Ham Recipe

Make mac and cheese extra fun!
Make mac and cheese extra delicious with tasty mix-ins: this macaroni and cheese recipe has ham, broccoli, and corn included in the mix.  ...

Ham and Cheese Empanadas Recipe

Make sure that your crust is light and flaky!
These empanadas make it easier for you to use your leftovers. If you have leftover ham or cheese lying around in your refrigerator, use them as a filling for this well-loved sweet and savory treat!  ...

Ham and Cheese Breakfast Casserole Recipe

Try this for your next morning meal!
Croissants, ham, and cheese make for a filling morning meal. Try this hefty breakfast dish this weekend. ...

Ham and Corn Croquettes Recipe

You can use leftover ham to make these croquettes!
These deep-fried ham and corn croquettes make for the perfect afternoon snack. You can use leftover ham and cheese to put these together, too.  ...

Triple-decker Sandwich Recipe

Heat it up in a panini press or enjoy at room temp—it’s good either way.
This mighty sandwich is packed with honey ham, cranberry cream cheese, crisp pear slices, and fresh arugula. ...

Purple Rice with Ham Recipe

Try a new recipe this week: this purple rice dish is high in protein and iron!
Purple rice is a high-protein ingredient! Use it for your next rice dish and try this recipe.  ...

Ham and Egg Breakfast Cups Recipe

Power up with a tasty breakfast of ham and eggs!
This breakfast recipe is reminiscent of Dr. Seuss' green eggs and ham: top this breakfast dish with pesto sauce!  ...

WATCH: How to Make Fried Chicken Cordon Bleu

Breaded chicken fillet wrapped around a slice of ham and cheese? Yes, please!
This chicken cordon bleu recipe is filled with the classic ham-and-cheese combo, then served with homemade gravy for an easy-to-make baon or weeknight meal. Takes 30 minutes Makes 4 servings4 chicken breast fillets, skins removed 2 slices ham, halved 2 slices cheddar cheese, ...

WATCH: How to Use Leftover Ham for this Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Leftover holiday ham and apple slices make this grilled cheese sandwich recipe extra festive.

WATCH: How to Use Leftover Ham in Chowder

Add leftover holiday ham to a hearty and filling chowder recipe.
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