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Woah, Hanabishi's New Hand Mixer + Stand Only Costs P1,300!

Looking for an affordable mixer?
New year, new kitchen appliance? If you've been meaning to buy a hand mixer for your baking needs, we found an affordable option for you! Hanabishi recently released their new Hand Mixer HHM55SS. This hand mixer has a 5-speed control that includes a turbo ...

You Can Score This Hand Mixer For Less Than P1,500 This Week

Mark your calendars for the Black Friday sale!
Black Friday is notorious in the United States for being a shopping day when you can get the biggest discounts and promos. It only happens once a year! Oster Philippines will have a Black Friday Friday sale where you can score up to 30% ...

This Cute Stand Mixer Is Only P5,200

You can also use it as a hand mixer!
It's no secret that loads of people all over the Metro have tried their hand at baking amidst the quarantine, so if you've started on your own little kitchen experiments, you're definitely not alone. One of the key appliances you'll need at ...

6 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Buying An Expensive Stand Mixer

It depends on what kind of baker you are.
There’s no doubt about it that those fancy, expensive stand mixers ranging from P24,000 and up are gorgeous and super handy. That shiny enamel coat calls out to you each time you see it. Whether or not you should buy an expensive ...

Here's How To Find The Right Kitchen Tools Before The Year Ends

Shopping for appliances is really about making the right decisions.
Every year, people shopping for appliances are looking for new buys with at least these two reasons: their appliance broke down and they need to replace it or they finally made the decision to get their dream appliance.If you’re either of these types of ...

Here's Why A Hand Mixer Should Be A New Baker's First Tool

Fact: A hand mixer is just as useful as a stand mixer.
Yes, the hand mixer should be first baking appliance you should invest in. This sturdy, lightweight tool is perfect for speedy mixing and whisking. It’s also cheaper and easier to store compared to a bulky stand mixer. So, if you're new to baking, this ...
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